Pioneering a
New Narrative

Reimagining STEM Education

The HELLO BLACK WORLD curriculum has been designed for students of African descent who want to explore and develop data and computer science competencies centered around the presence of African contributions and the imagination. The curriculum addresses computer science, data science, the visualization of diverse data types, digital humanities, ethics, and communications within the Black world with a social justice lens. No previous programming or statistical background is assumed. The Intro to the Black Digital World course introduces students to the African Origins of Mathematics and Computer Science, basic python, data science and visualization of diverse data types within the Black world (e.g. text, numbers, images).

Amy Quarkume, PhD | Afro Dept

Lifoma Salaam, PhD | Dept of Mathematics

Cesa Salaam | Computer Science

Imagine an educational journey celebrating your cultural legacy. Envision an AI assistant guiding your exploration. Here, your coding skills are nurtured through challenges tailored to your heritage. Your accomplishments honored. Your imagination embraced. A curriculum designed to empower you.